Heir to the Canadian (MMA) throne and possible serial killer Rory MacDonald has been making big statements as of late. At only 23 years of age he’s already dismantled UFC legend BJ Penn and ran through mostly every opponent with the exception of Carlos Condit, whom he’s set to face in a rematch on the same night his teammate will defend his belt against Diaz. Condit who edged a controversial decision over Nick Diaz in order to fight for the belt is coming off a decision loss to the champ, but he had his moments stunning the world and certainly GSP with a beautifully set up head kick which you can see here

In their first fight a 21 year old Rory won the first two rounds but lost in the third to the more experienced Condit who was able to pull off a TKO victory with some strong ground and pound in the last seconds of the fight. If he was to win a rematch he would arguably be next for the title. But with his teammate as champion his options as limited, as they have both said they would not fight each other he’s forced to wait around or go up in weight. If however Georges was to lose Rory would then have a chance to get together with his teammate and decide what to do. In case Georges decides to venture into other things and leave welterweight to Rory then we would get to see one of the most exciting (although not very charismatic) young prospects take a shot at the belt.

3. Nick Diaz Doesn’t Retire…Again


Nick loves to retire specially after losing decisions. In this week’s press conference when asked if he would retire after this fight if he lost he replied “I don’t know I’m taking it one fight at a time right now”. That doesn’t sound very promising. Diaz is in my opinion good for the sport. Love him or hate him you have to admit his fighting delivers octagon wars. He has one of the most unique personalities in MMA and even when he stumbles through interviews he’ll entertain. However the only way he’s guaranteed to stay is with a belt around his waist.

2. Another Mexican/American Champion For The UFC

As the UFC continues to spread throughout the world we can’t help but to wonder why they haven’t gone into Mexico yet. Most countries need some time to get a taste of combat sports but Mexico is one place that has it entrenched deep into their roots. Having delivered all time great boxers like Julio Cesar Chavez, Oscar De La Hoya and Ricardo Lopez among many others shows just how much they love fighting south of the border. Moreover the UFC has reportedly drawn than 116 fighters in an unofficial scouting session for “The Ultimate Fighter: Mexico”.

One of the reasons for the delay might be a lack of big names to appeal to the Mexican crowds. With Cain Velasquez regaining his UFC heavyweight belt the doors seem to be open once againfor an event. With Nick as a champion the UFC would have the luxury to rely on more than just Cain and a handful of contenders. Similar to how they rotate between Jose Aldo and Anderson Silva on their Brazil cards.

Besides, what’s better for MMA than expanding into a population of 112 million? Well…

1. Super Fights


With Georges losing the title he’d have the option to fight for it again in a rematch or to move up to middleweight for the long awaited super fight versus Anderson Silva. Which admittedly would lose some of its aura if GSP was to lose to Diaz but it would still be two all time greats going at it.

As we mentioned this would also be the perfect time for Rory to get a crack at the welterweight belt.

But who says super fights are limited to just one? Diaz vs. Silva was a big topic of discussion not too long ago when both Anderson’s manager Ed Suarez and Diaz’s head coach Ceaser Gracie claimed they wanted to make the fight happen. It ended up not occurring because it didn’t really make sense for a fighter who just lost his last fight in a division below to fight the champion of a division above (I’m looking at you Chael). However with a victory over Georges the fight is more than justified. Not to mention stylistically exciting and sure to deliver some fireworks.

So let’s recap. A handful of fights between Diaz GSP and Anderson, a shot for a young prospect to fight for the belt, the stay of Nick Diaz in the UFC and MMA’s expansion into Mexico. In any case this fight is guaranteed to entertain and more likely than not GSP will win. So whatever happens sit back pick up a beer or whatever else you’re into, watch out for surprise drug tests and enjoy.